About Me

About Me

I am Ayoob Dehkordi,

Photographic Art( FIAP)
Instructor Photo & Video SSI

Instructor Photo & Video IANTD

Digital graphics expert
Graduated in 1392from the Faculty of Industrial Management
I did professional photography in 1389 and became an official member of FIAP International Photographers in 1395. After that, because I was a diver, I also started underwater photography. Now I am teaching as an underwater photography instructor and technical photography instructor.
In the field of teaching different photography, I would like you to know

  1. Photographer and instructor of underwater photography.
  2. Photographer of modeling, nature, under water, land scape, Theater Photographer ,Cinema and Concert.
    My professional summary was that if you like to see more work.. visit the site
    This is Instagram
    My goal is to get acquainted with the world of photography, the world of land, underwater and what it’s worth.